Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Bonus FFB on Wednesday: The Killing Breed -- Frank Leslie (Peter Brandvold)

Frank Leslie's series about Yakima Henry is full of wild action, and that's certainly true of The Killing Breed.  Yakima Henry takes more punishment in this one than most western heroes do in an entire series.  Since Leslie is in reality Peter Brandvold, you can count on the action scenes to be vivid and thrilling.  And a big plus for this book is that it has a fight on the roof of a car of a moving train.  You can't go wrong with a scene like that.

In previous books, Yakima Henry had helped a soiled dove named Faith escape from a brutish roadhouse owner named Bill Thornton.  Faith opens her own place of business, and later Yakima Henry helps her free her brother from a Mexican prison, after which the three of them settle down in Arizona for what they hope will be a peaceful life.  As this book opens, Bill Thornton is still angry about losing Faith, who wounded him with a derringer when she escaped him.  His wound is still festering, and so is his deep resentment.  He hires five hardcases to kill Yakima Henry and bring Faith back to him.  The men do capture Faith and, believing Henry dead, head back to turn her over to Thornton.

But Henry's a hard man to kill, and he goes after them, accompanied by a neighbor who wants to help out.  The long chase has several twists and turns, and even if you think you know how it's going to conclude, I'm betting you'll be tricked by the ending.  

The Killing Breed is fast and furious and surprising.  Check it out.

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