Tuesday, April 18, 2017

PimPage: An Occasional Feature in Which I Call Attention to Books of Possible Interest

https://www.amazon.com/Adventures-Roderick-Langham-Rafe-McGregor-ebook/dp/B06XYN5CRZ: Books  Roderick Langham is a retired soldier, disgraced police inspector, and reluctant occult detective. He inhabits the world of Sherlock Holmes, investigates cases with John Watson and Sebastian Moran, and is able to perceive the reality concealed by the illusion of everyday appearances. These nine stories follow Langham from his first encounter with the inexplicable in the Himalayan hills to his investigation of the wreck of the Demeter and his growing realisation that the dales, moors, and wolds which surround his Yorkshire refuge are home to an evil far older than the honeycomb of medieval monasteries and Roman ruins suggests. 


FreeLiveFree said...

Have you read any of Josh Reynold's Royal Occultist stories about a occult detective during the Edwardian and later years? The main character was trained by Carnacki the Ghost-finder and occasionally meets P.G. Wodehouse characters.

There's also Mike Mignola's comic book Witchfinder that is set during the Victorian age.

Bill Crider said...

Haven't read Reynolds. Sounds good.

Rick said...

Ordered from Amazon (U.S.). Thanks for the heads up, Bill.
(Rick Libott)