Saturday, March 18, 2017

Don't Judge the Book-of-the-Month Club By Its Cover

Don't Judge the Book-of-the-Month Club By Its Cover


Deb said...

I was in BOTM Club (and later Paperback Book of the Month and History Book of the Month Club) for years. Acquired a lot of interesting books that way.

/I miss the old days.

Don Coffin said...

At my peak book club membership:
Literary Guild
Science Fiction Book Club
Mystery Book Club
Library of Urban Affairs
History Book Club (before the BOMC acquired and ruined it; it was run out of some guy's garage in Connecticut)

This was, I will note, before the Quality Paperback Club...and long, long before the internet (early 1970s), and, where I was living at the time (West Virginia), partly a consequence of a dearth of bookstores.

Unknown said...

I belonged to the first four of those (although not all at the same time) and later joined the QBP.

Cap'n Bob said...

I was in the s-f bc and the Military BC.