Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sci-Fi Sundays: Amazing Science Fiction, April 1958

Sci-Fi Sundays: Amazing Science Fiction, April 1958


Walker Martin said...

I watched the 6 minute video of the author shelving his SF magazine collection. It's always fun to see how other collectors shelve magazines. But I have to admit I'm puzzled as to why all the magazines are mixed up, not only by title but also by date. No attempt to organize all the IF, F&SF, GALAXY, etc by title or chronological order. If I used this system I would never be able to find anything.

Am I missing something? I admit to having thousands of pulps and digest magazines and there must be some type of shelving system. Otherwise, madness!

Unknown said...

My digests are shelved by title and date.

Rick Robinson said...

Hate the cover, fell very, very sad for the dog. Boo!

I agree about the shelving. A system, genre, title, date, is a must.