Monday, January 16, 2017

When Bond Battled Bond at the 1983 Box Office

When Bond Battled Bond at the 1983 Box Office


Dan said...

Yeah, my grandparents told me how they watched these when they were kids.

SWB said...

Both NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN and OCTOPUSSY were okay, I watched as a teen and probably the latter is a better-made film.

Differing opinions on the AT THE MOVIES show - video still online for it:
Ebert argued something to the effect: with a Bond film, you GET a bond film with the silly plot and with action that makes up for the story.
Gene Siskel said "Thumbs down!" and he argued something like it was all too implausible - he felt it took him out of the movie; both are credible and accurate statements, I bet.

After 1980's the Bond movies seemed to taper off and much sillier in quality. Not always, but many of them.