Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Blaze! The Christmas Journey -- Stephen Mertz

If you're looking for an entertaining Christmas story to read during the holidays, Stephen Mertz provides it in Blaze! The Christmas Journey. 

Kate and J.D. Blaze, husband and wife, are the fastest gunslingers in the west, but Kate has talked J.D. into playing Santa for the townsfolk in Horseshoe, Arizona Territory.  He's reluctant, but he's doing fine until a drunk woman with a gun tries to kill him.  And then the bank is robbed.  

It turns out that the woman believes her son has been with the bank robbers in another town and is about to be hanged.  Kate thinks she and J.D. should travel with the woman to the town and try to save the woman's son.  After all, it's Christmas.  Besides, at the same time they might catch the bank robbers and collect the bounty.  They travel by stage, train, and Conestoga wagon.  And if there's anything that improves any story almost as much as quicksand, it's a fight on top of a moving train.  

There's surprisingly little sex in this adult western, and nothing graphic.  There's humor and heart and plenty of action.  Not only that, things work out just the way you'd want them to, so it's just right for the holidays.  Check it out.

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