Monday, December 12, 2016

Amazing Stories, November 1961: A Retro-Review

Amazing Stories, November 1961: A Retro-Review

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Jerry House said...

There's some confusion about Charles Eric Maine's Mike Delaney stories. In this review, Rich Horton says that there were four stories in the series and that "Counter-Psych" was the only one not to have been released as a book. This follows the information on ISFDb. Tuck's ENCYCLOPEDIA OF FANTASY AND SCIENCE FICTION, however, states that "Counter-Psych" was actually published in England as SUBTERFUGE, the second book in the series. (THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SCIENCE FICTION entry on "Maine" lists the three Delaney novels but makes no mention of "Counter-Psych.") Part of the confusion, I think, stems from the fact that AMAZING published the story a year after the book had appeared in England. Perhaps someone who has compared the magazine story with the novel can offer the final say on the matter.

All this has nothing to do with the fact that Cele Goldsmith worked wonders with AMAZING and FANTASTIC. All issue during her tenure are worthwhile, IMHO.