Friday, October 21, 2016

PimPage: An occasional feature in which I call attention books of possible interest OF NIGHT AND BEYOND: Stories eBook: L. Zackel: Kindle Store  A scrumptious buffet of monsters for grownups. Stories spooky, scary, chilly, goofy, kitschy? No two alike. Different monsters, different sizes, shapes, writing styles and different textures. Slightly more than a baker’s dozen stories, a doggerel or two, and a couple of tombstone rubbings. (Epitaphs, you know.) Some of what’s inside: “A Robot is a Savage Machine.” Wherein robots are the maddest scientists. "True Love When You See It." Baseball bats and werewolves and fireflies, oh my. “The Devil Sells Honey.” And discovers he has a grandson! Poor Lionel Collins. He used to be part of the Here and Now. “The Blonde in the Red Corvette” has a bloody handprint on the front of her yellow dress. And Possession is nine-tenths of John Law. “The Fabulous Catch” comes in a Happy Ending and, well, a more real one. A lover’s lament: “Squish You, Babe.” But this lament sounds better in French. “J' TE SERRE TRÈS FORT, MA POULE,” for example. “Devil’s Woods.” Sometimes the Devil doesn’t show himself. “Snow White Is Mine!” Not for the kids! A Mouse Trap. "My Angel Baby.” In more ways than one. “The Day I Snapped.” Pick your battles better, buddy. “Werewolves in the Mailbox.” And we are not alone. The Devil carries condoms? Well, of course, he does! Meanwhile Jocelyn has a Conscience. Sort of. Please enjoy your favorites.


Jeff Meyerson said...

OK, bought it. Sorry Fred didn't make it to New Orleans for this year's Bouchercon.

Fred Zackel said...

Thank you, Jeffrey. Instead of Bouchercon, we had our second honeymoon back in Hawaii. Perhaps next year in Toronto.