Monday, October 17, 2016

Nobel panel gives up knockin’ on Dylan’s door

Nobel panel gives up knockin’ on Dylan’s door  

Hat tip to Fred Zackel.


Don Coffin said...

Got a gig to play, no time for this stuff right now.

Bud said...

I'm mildly glad that he got it, but I'm even more appreciative that he apparently isn't paying much attention to it.

Gerard said...

No surprise. Imagine how short and elliptical his acceptance speech will be if he shows.

Anders E said...

A class of primary school kids in Stockholm has written a letter to Dylans so brilliant I'd say these kids should have had the award instead. It can not go unshared:

Hi Bob Dylan!

Congratulations to the Nobel prize!

Our teacher told us you have not responded yet. We think you are somewhere where there's no TV, newspapers or good cell phone connections. Or you don't want to be photographed!

We think you are happy to receive the prize. Now you'll be a celebrity. How does it feel?

We also think you may be sitting in your garden wondering what to do with the 8 million. We have an idea. Or maybe two: let's rebuild Haiti and Florida who were hit by that hurricane. And buy polio vaccine for UNICEF.

We figured you might be nervous meeting our king, but don't you worry about that! He's a regular person! And he's only giving you a medal.

Our class is working with the poems of Tomas Tranströmer but now we will read and sing yours as well. Please tell if you want to meet us. You can sing along if you're not too nervous.

Some of our parents say you are their idol. They will surely want to meet you as well. Maybe they will climb to your window on a ladder and queue all night to get a seat.

We also write poems. Kinda say a lot of words and jumble them a bit, piece them together, and you may receive a Nobel prize. Maybe we will get one too.

When you read poems you should speak slowly and pause a lot and then it gets stuck in your heart.

We know a lot of people want to be friends with you now and that you may not have the time to answer our letter. But we still hope.

Are you aware they are looking for you? And want you to say "Thank you" or that you thought you couldn't ever get the prize, but you can say whatever you want to.

Some of us think will have a hard time sitting in City Hall and that you are worried about the Nobel banquet. Because it's crowded and a lot of people. Maybe you can ask for a room of your own where you can rest a bit and then return.

You can visit us for lunch. We have the best school lunch in the world. However, our teacher usually asks people to talk about their job when they visit. If you don't have a job you can just make something up. Then we will ask you how old you are. We usually do.

Our teacher says literature prize winners usually visit Rinkeby [Stockholm suburb] and that you may not have time for us, but our teacher is sometimes wrong. What do you think?

We want to congratulate you, and we're sending you our poems that we wrote together during this fall.

Bring warm clothes to Sweden, it's a bit cold!

If anyone wants to serve you surströmming [fermented herring] for breakfast tell them you prefer meatballs. Trust us!

Welcome to Sweden!

All pupils in class 2C, Björkhagen primary school, Stockholm

8 years old

Unknown said...

"Take kids are alright. "