Thursday, September 22, 2016

Here's the Plot for Your Next Novel of High Adventure

Why the Soviets Sponsored a Doomed Expedition to a Hollow Earth Kingdom: In December of 1923, two unlikely travelers arrived in Darjeeling, India intent on finding what could not possibly exist: Shambhala, a kingdom located inside a hollow earth. Along them trailed Soviet spies, Western occultists and Mongolian rebels, all serving their own agendas. Even with so many eyes on them, their expedition still managed to disappear from the face of the earth for months; when they finally emerged, they had a fascinating story to tell and even more secrets to hide.

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Mike Stamm said...

This article does not mention that H. P. Lovecraft was a big Nicholas Roerich fan, and mentioned his strange, almost visionary painting numerous times in AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS. Which story, it occurs to me, may have been inspired in part by this expedition.