Tuesday, August 09, 2016


Talbot Munday, Helma, Avon, 1967


George said...

I read Tros of Samothrace a few years ago. Talbot Mundy is an underrated writer.

Mike Stamm said...

I collected the four-volume set of TROS, of which this is the 3rd, back in the '60s; it's still my favorite of its various publications. It's been decades since I read it, and its companion books QUEEN CLEOPATRA and PURPLE PIRATE, but they were splendid, if metaphysically dense, evocations of the ancient world.

Howard said...

I have read and enjoyed quite a bit of Mundy. Somehow, though, I missed this book. Mundy was a pretty close second to H. Rider Haggard in my opinion.