Monday, June 13, 2016

Janet Waldo, R.I.P.

Janet Waldo, R.I.P.: Janet Waldo, whose career in entertainment stretched from motion pictures to radio to television to the world of cartoons, died this morning. The cause was a brain tumor and her age…well, no one's quite sure how old Janet was but she sure never looked or sounded it. Since she made her radio debut playing ingenue roles in 1940, it's safe to say she was in her nineties.


Art Scott said...

I remember Janet well from one of the Seattle REPS old time radio showcases. She was Corliss Archer on radio (teenage girl sitcom); Sam Edwards, who played Corliss' boyfriend Dexter was there too, and they performed one of the shows. At one point in the script Dexter is telling Corliss about an adventure swimming at the seashore, and his line was, "And I was puss to puss to an octopus!" Only it came out "puss to pussy...", Sam turned beet red, and without missing a beat, Janet said, "Why Sam, I didn't know you cared!" The audience of course went nuts. Sad to see her pass.

Bill Crider said...

I used to listen to the show on radio when I was a kid.