Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Ken Howard, R. I. P.

Ken Howard, 'White Shadow' star and actors union president, dead at 71: LOS ANGELES — Ken Howard, who played basketball coach Ken Reeves in the 1978-81 CBS drama The White Shadow and was president of the actors union SAG-AFTRA, has died. He was 71.


Deb said...

One of Ken's former wives was Margo Howard, daughter of Ann Landers and the original writer of the "Dear Prudence" advice column.

/I used to watch "The White Shadow" every week. I still remember how shocked I was when one of the recurring characters, a ball player, was killed in a robbery. RIP, Ken.

Jeffrey Meyerson said...

Poor Ken certainly had not aged well. Every time we saw him in recent years he looked awful and unhealthy. I wonder what the cause of death was.

We saw him as Thomas Jefferson on Broadway in 1776 back in 1970, when he was young and handsome. The movie of that musical remains one of Jackie's favorites, and we watch it every Fourth of July. We also saw him in SEESAW with Michele Lee, in 1973.


Ed Gorman said...

Damned good actor.

Max Allan Collins said...

He was very funny on 30 ROCK.

But to me he will always be Thomas Jefferson in 1776.