Monday, March 21, 2016

A Repeat from this Blog in 2006

SleuthSayers: Blood Dreams: Bill Crider here. Jan Grape’s a bit under the weather, and she asked me to fill in for her today. I didn’t have time to dash off any deep thoughts, but I did have something for her. It’s a piece I published on my own blog 10 years ago, and I was considering reprinting it soon. So instead of reprinting it on my blog, I’m using it here.


Anonymous said...

kurt Russell will guest star on the flash kurt Russell will be playing as a j in the flash

Don Coffin said...

I'm always impressed by the role of serendipity in finding authors. In your case (I may have told this story somewhere before), I was on my way from Bloomington to Chicago after a meeting at IUB (must have been 1994/1995/1996), stopping in Lafayette for dinner. In a strip mall, there was a book store (I think selling only remaindered books), and I saw a paperback copy of (as I recall) Shotgun Saturday Night. I loved the cover photo, read the blurb on the back cover, and thought it sounded interesting, bought it (for a hot dollar), read it that night, and started looking for more. And found them...and have been buying them ever since. The only things on SYKM's Bill Crider page that I haven't read are the westerns, of which I have only read Outrage at Blanco.

If I had not found that paperback in that store in Lafayette (which was closed the next time I drove by), well, that would have cost me 30+ books I have enjoyed greatly.

Bill Crider said...

I for one am very glad you found it.