Friday, October 23, 2015

FFB: Detective Fiction: A Collection of Critical Essays, Robin Winks, editor

Here's another example of the kind of book that was available to us mystery and crime fiction fans back in the olden days (1980) before the Internet made all kinds of articles available at the click of a mouse.  I could summarize the contents for you, but being lazy today, I'll just scan the back cover.  The info there is probably all you need.  

Oh, I will mention one thing. There's an appendix that includes a section on "Where to Obtain Current and Out-of-Print Detective Stories."  Guess how many sources it lists.  Okay, you probably got it right.  The answer is four.  That's right.  Four.  It was a long time ago.


Jeff Meyerson said...

I read a lot of these in the '70s and '80s but apparently not this one, though I did read another that Winks edited, COLLOQUIUM ON CRIME (in 1987).

Walker Martin said...

I have this and used to buy all the books back then that discussed crime fiction. The one I miss the most however is the magazine, THE ARMCHAIR DETECTIVE. I have a whole room devoted to mystery, SF, and pulp reference books. Kind of hard to keep up with the new additions now!

George said...

I miss books like this, too. On the plus side, almost any book you ever would want is available online with a click.