Monday, January 12, 2015

Bryan Woolley, R. I. P.

Dallas Morning News: Bryan Woolley, the Texas-roving journalist and respected novelist, died Friday night in Dallas. He was 77.


Jeff Meyerson said...

I read his NOVEMBER 22 back in 2001. Good book. (You were probably the one who recommended it but I can't remember. And stay off my lawn!)


Unknown said...

I may have recommended it. Wooley was a good writer and a good guy.

Kent Morgan said...

I've had a copy of Woolley's collection The Edge of the West and Other Texas Stories sitting in my office for several years waiting for shelf space. A piece about Doak Walker and Molly Ivins' comment in the introduction about singing and dancing with Woolley to Waltz Across Texas when Ernest Tubb died was enough to make me buy it. I think I still have a copy of November 22 some place, but can't remember if I read it.