Saturday, November 15, 2014

Forgotten Hits: The Saturday Surveys (November 15th)

Forgotten Hits: The Saturday Surveys (November 15th)


C E said...

As I read the entire list I could hear most of the songs in my head.
Thanks, Bill.
Now I need to go hide for a while.

Anonymous said...

"Mr. Moon" by The Coachmen? Sorry, that one totally bypassed New York. And yet it was #1 in Lincoln, Nebraska. I don't know "Lifetime of Loneliness" (#3) by Jackie DeShannon either, not to mention "Il Silenzio" (#6) by Nini Rosso.

The top songs here were:

I Hear a Symphony
A Lover's Concerto
One, Two, Three
Get Off My Cloud
Rescue Me
Let's Hang On
Keep on Dancing
Taste of Honey
Everyone's Gone to the Moon
You've Got to Hide Your Love Away


Ron Scheer said...

Ah, the British invasion. Serious question: Wasn't there a "Mr. Sun" to go with "Mr. Moon"?

This Nebraska boy was in grad school in LA at the time, listening to KRLA and/or KHJ, where the Stones and the Beatles would have been battling it out for the top spots on the charts. A CW skew in the Lincoln Nifty 50 is there in the Roger Miller and Eddy Arnold songs. (And "The Lurch" is there for the brain dead.) Thanks, Bill, for the blast from the past.

Deb said...

In my memory, a lot of these songs (the ones I remember--I'm with Jeff, a lot of these songs are new to me) seem to be from completely different eras. I had no idea that The Toys' Lover's Concerto was a hit at the same time as Yesterday or Let's Hang On.

I think there was a song called Mr. Sun. I want to say it was by Paul Revere and the Raiders.