Monday, August 18, 2014

Supergirls -- Mav Skye

When I'm on an airplane, I can't concentrate very well on reading.  So I prefer to read novellas or short stories.  I have the Kindle app on my iPad, so I can take plenty of material with me.  One of the novellas I read on our recent trip to California was Henry Kuttner's The Time Trap.  Another was this one by Mav Skye.  

The Supergirls of the title are May and Jenn, sisters who want to live the American Dream.  Not easy to do when you're starting out with their disadvantages, plus the fact that they're both more or less crazy.  They're working at a convenience store and turning tricks on the side when they get the idea of making one big score, robbing a man they call Fat Bastard and taking off with the money.  To say that things do not go well (for anybody) would be an understatement.  There's gore aplenty, and violence and a talking (and whistling) moose head.  That should give you some idea.  It's gritty down to the bone, and surprisingly touching, especially at the end.  

If you're not sure about whether you'd like to read it, you can check out the prequel, a short story that's free to read.  It's in Pulp Metal magazine, and here's the link.  Check it out.

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