Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Last Stagecoach to Hell -- James Reasoner

This is another novella I read on my California flights, a "weird western" by James Reasoner, who knows a thing or two about westerns.  When Rye Callahan finds himself stranded in Providence, Arizona, he notices that people in town act mighty strangely.  And then there's that smokestack that's putting out black smoke.  What's up with that?  By the time Callahan learns the answers to his questions about the townspeople and the smokestack, he's not in a good position to do much about them.  In fact, he might be taking a shortcut to Hell.

As usual, James Reasoner tells a heck of a story that's weird in a good way.  It'll keep you entertained on a plane or on the ground.  Check it out.

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