Friday, July 04, 2014

Some Forgotten History

The Statue of Liberty: In the summer of 1876, Philadelphia
 was teeming with tourists. Over the course of the season, 10 million people from 35 countries poured into Fairmount Park to take in the sights at the first-ever World’s Fair in America. Visitors marveled at working elevators, electric lights, and a live walrus. American Indians stood on display, living cultural exhibits for fairgoers to gawk at. The programming changed daily; prizefights, races, and parades were all used to lure day-trippers. On Delaware-Maryland-Virginia Day, there was even a jousting match. But one spectacle drew extra attention- a gigantic disembodied arm that towered four stories above the fairground.

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Deb said...

I read a book years ago that claimed Custer had pressed on at Little Big Horn (even though the other generals with him thought it was a bad idea) because he wanted the news of his anticipated victory to arrive in Philadelphia on July 4 where not only was the country's 100th anniversary being celebrated but the Republican National Convention was being held. Custer had dreams of a Vice Presidential nomination.