Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Fourth of July SALE – .99 Selected eBooks! 20% off Print

Fourth of July SALE – .99 Selected eBooks! 20% off Print | Crossroad Press Publishing: Dead on the Island – by Bill Crider – A Truman Smith Mystery - PI Truman Smith has become a loner after failing to find his sister Jan during a recent search of Galveston Island. He jogs on the Seawall, plays with his cat, and reads lots of Faulkner books. He is pulled from his self-imposed retirement when his old high school football buddy Dino asks him to find a young girl named Sharon. As Tru begins his investigation, dead bodies begin to appear and Tru himself is attacked. His search for Sharon takes him to all sorts of interesting places on and near the Island. Bill Crider spins a good mystery tale in a wonderful setting with interesting characters and enough plot twists to keep readers guessing until the last few chapters.


Ed Gorman said...

One of my favorite novels of your. ***** all the way. And I wish that cover was on one of MY books. It really works.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Ed. That's the second cover they've tried on the book. The first one wasn't very good.

Anonymous said...

Definitely a must read.