Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Wild Adventures of Doc Savage: The War Makers -- Kenneth Robeson (Will Murray & Ryerson Johnson)

The War Makers is a sequel to an older Doc Savage novel, The Motion Menace, which was written by Ryerson Johnson using the Robeson name.  This novel is based on Johnson's outline for a follow-up book, but you don't have to have read The Motion Menace to enjoy this one.

A mysterious invisible barrier that can stop planes in fight and kill anyone who comes beneath it is devastating the country.  Doc Savage and his crew are on the case, and the action never lets up as the story zips from Detroit to Florida to Washington, D. C., to the North Pole.  Narrow escapes abound.  People are not who they seem to be.  Doc uses many gadgets and devices.  He even smokes a pipe! (For good reason, as we learn.)

As usual, Will Murray captures the style and storytelling technique of Lester Dent just about perfectly.  The War Makers is another rousing adventure in the grand Doc Savage tradition and a fine addition to the on-going saga.

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