Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Overlooked Movies: Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman

I could write about the bad SF movies of the '50s every week here because I saw most of them.  Including this one.  What's my excuse?  Well, I was a teenager, and it's about a very attractive 50 ft. woman wrapped in bed sheets. Need I say more?  Okay, I will say more.  This is the kind of thing that was often shown on the weekends at the Mexia Theatre, and everybody went to the movies on Saturday night. 

How bad is Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman?  Just watch the trailer below and you'll have a pretty good idea.  You'll also have seen most of the movie.  Sadly the great scene in the poster to the left doesn't appear in the movie.  If it did, the movie would be a lot better.  As it is, the special effects are terrible, the acting isn't much better, and the story is goofy.  There are continuity errors to match anything in an Ed Wood movie. 

But what does any of that matter?  It's about a 50 ft. woman!  Wrapped in bed sheets!  This time it's not an atomic accident that creates her.  I'm not sure what does.  She meets a giant in a flying saucer, he steals her diamond ring, and she gets really big.  This is bad news for her philandering husband, and you guys should take note of what happens to him and his blonde hottie.  There's definitely a moral to the story, as there often was in this kind of movie back then.

Some of you might be wondering if I knew this movie was bad when I saw it.  Sure I did.  But did I care?  Nope.  It was fun to be a kid and go to the movies, no matter how bad they were, and there was always something to like in even the worst of them.  Did I mention the 50 ft. woman wrapped in bed sheets?  

Did we laugh at how bad some of the movies were?  Yep, we did that, too, and after the movie we'd go to the Dairy Queen or the Dairy King or maybe drive out to the lake and dance to music on the jukebox.  I miss the old days.


Jerry House said...

I miss the old days too. The bedsheets were much, much bigger.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Sounds like fun being a young boy and seeing movies like this.

Tom Johnson said...

Yeah, giant spiders, giant grasshoppers, giant mantises, giant rabbits giant gila monsters, giant scorpions. Oh, what fun. They made movies with a giant man, a shrinking man, and the beautiful giant woman. Kids didn't miss any of them. Silly stuff, as we look at them today, but we sure loved them when we were too young to know the difference. I also miss the old days (sigh). http://thegemtheater.blogspot.com

Todd Mason said...

What was that alternative to DQ again? (Or was that the point, that only Dairy Queen was available? Or did something to do with lactation, perhaps swathed in tarpaulin-sized bedsheets, perhaps come particularly to mind?)

Unknown said...

Good eye, Todd. I should hire you as my proofreader. I fixed the blunder.

Anonymous said...

What do I remember most? Alison Hayes rampaging around, yelling "HAAAAAAAAAAARY!!!"

Also the scedne where she picks up a Chevy and throws down a station wagon.

A true classic. Unfortuantely they do not make them like this anymore.

Jeff (from the geezer bus)