Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Suzi Quatro, the original Riot grrrl

‘Your Mamma Won’t Like Me’: Suzi Quatro, the original Riot grrrl: In her native America, pioneering female rocker Suzi Quatro is best remembered for her role as “Leather Tuscadero” on Happy Days, but in the rest of the world, Quatro was known—at least for a short time—as a chart-topping bubblegum/glam-rock superstar who sold 50 million records.  

Link via Neatorama.


Stephen Mertz said...

And back in the early 70s, at least in the Midwest, she ran the hardest hottest working bar band in rock & roll, in addition to giving Joan Jett a great look to copy.

Undine said...

Suzi did a neat little guest star spot on "Midsomer Murders" a few years ago.

Her role was a real shocker!

Todd Mason said...

She was in the Pleasure Seekers back in the 1960s, largely with sisters Quatro. I'm currently blanking on the name of the band at the turn of the decade (presumably the one Stephen is thinking of), but I Could Look It Up.