Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Curious Case of the American Accent

The Curious Case of the American Accent 


Anonymous said...

So now we know; we can thank Dust Bowl Arkies for Valspeak.

John D

Unknown said...

"Thank" might not be the right word.

Anders E said...

Ja-aa? Whenever I watch FARGO I'm astounded by how much of the old country is still there, even though they all speak American.
Note: the only real Swede in the cast is Peter Stormare, whose character is named "Gaear Grimsrud" which is in fact about as Norwegian as it gets. I think that's what they call an in-joke. Kudos to the Coens.
Note 2: There is no way you will pronounce "Stormare" correctly. Swedish prosody is extremely sophisticated.