Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Douglas R. Mason, R. I. P.

Locus Online News: Douglas R. Mason, 94, who also wrote as John Rankine, died in early August 2013. 

Mason was a prolific writer from 1964 until the early ’80s. His first story, as Rankine, was “Two’s Company” (1964). He published numerous SF books under that name, notably the Dag Fletcher space opera series, beginning with collection The Blockage of Sinitron: Four Adventures of Dag Fletcher (1966). He also wrote the Space Corporation series, several standalone space operas, and numerous Space: 1999 tie-in novels. As Mason he wrote nearly 20 novels, including From Carthage then I Came (1966; as Eight Against Utopia, 1967), Matrix (1970), The Phaeton Condition (1973), and Pitman’s Progress (1976). Some of his stories from the ’60s and ’70s were collected in Tuo Yaw (2003) and BAZOZZ ZZ DZZ: And Other Short Stories (2003), including some unpublished work.

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