Friday, August 16, 2013

50 More Forgotten Books

50 of the Best Books You Haven’t Read by Authors You Already Love 


Todd Mason said...

Among those here I have read, the most undeserving of plaudit is probably George R. R. Martin's often goofy, though not terrible, THE ARMAGEDDON RAG. I'll certainly believe it's better than the FIRE AND ICE books, to judge by the tv series alone, or at least my ability to stay awake through or engaged with an episode, even given the presence of Lena Headey.

Anonymous said...

I liked ARMAGEDDON RAG, Todd, though it is certainly as goofy as you say. I also liked his "vampires on the Mississippi in 1857" FEVRE DREAM.

Like you I've found the FIRE AND ICE books unreadable. They just aren't my taste.


Todd Mason said...

Oh, I haven't tried the recent Martin books's the tv series that puts me to sleep.

Bud said...

Since I think GRRM's writing has gone downhill since his Wild Card days, I have to agree withTodd and Jeff 8-)