Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pat Summerall, R. I. P.

NFL broadcaster, local icon Pat Summerall dies at age 82 | Dallasnews.com - News for Dallas, Texas - SportsDayDFW: Employing a signature succinct staccato style that was brief and to the point, Pat Summerall grew into the pre-eminent network NFL voice for a generation of television viewers. Summerall has died at age 82. 

He worked a record 16 Super Bowls on network television, the first five as an analyst. He worked for CBS from 1961 to 1993. He moved with the NFL from CBS to Fox in 1994. He retired after the 2002 season.

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George said...

I always liked Pat Summerall calls on football games. Never flashy, always professional.