Sunday, November 11, 2012

Why do auctioneers talk like that?

Why do auctioneers talk like that?


Cap'n Bob said...

I've attended several auctions around here and am constantly frustrated by the auctioneers. I can't understand a word, what the price is, who's winning, etc. Speed is useless if comprehension is lost.

Bud said...

Cap'n Bob: That would be an indication to me that the auctioneers you encountered either didn't know their business or their audience or both. Auctioneers must know their type of audience. Auctioneer tactics will (or should) vary considerably for various types: cars, livestock, book, stamp, coin, .antiques, "estate" auctions, etc.

What I really admire are auctioneers who actually know something about the types of things they're auctioning, seem to have a feel for the crowd they are "working" and subtly use gear their patter to that particular crowd.

A long time ago, I was priviledged to attend a classic tobacco-leaf auction. I had no interest in buying / selling and could hardly understand a word of the auctioneer, but it was a wonder to behold!