Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wedding Cake Killer -- Livia Washburn

The latest in the "Fresh-Baked Mystery" series is, as usual, another fine one by Livia Washburn.  Phyllis Newsome, retired teacher and boarding house operator, is getting ready for the wedding of one of her boarders, Eve Turner.  Eve is  retired English teacher, and she's getting married to Roy Porter, whom we've met before in this series.

The wedding goes off without a hitch, and things look fine for the happy couple.  Fine, that is, until Roy is murdered and Eve is accused of killing him.  Phyllis, who's getting quite a reputation as a crime-solver (she's thought of as the Miss Marple of Weatherford, Texas) is going to have to find the real killer, because it's pretty obvious to the police that Eve is the guilty one.  Revelations about Eve's past, things unknown even to her best friends, don't help at all.  And then there are the revelations about Roy's past.  Talk about secrets -- there are plenty of them.  And then there's the DA who has it in for Phyllis.

None of that stops Phyllis, however, even though she winds up getting arrested herself (I'm not giving away any secrets; we learn this at the very beginning). 

Crime-solving, humor, good writing, and twenty-one recipes.  Something for everybody.  Check it out.

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