Wednesday, October 10, 2012

PimPage Update

I read this one tonight, and I can now recommend it wholeheartedly.  A tough western novella that Harry Whittington himself might have been proud to have written.  Check it out.

Savage Blood: James Reasoner: Kindle Store: The Civil War took nearly everything from Brodie. A beautiful redhead named Eva took what was left. When she turned to him for help, he had every reason in the world to tell her to go to hell. 

 Instead he strapped on his gun and walked right into a blazing hell himself. 

SAVAGE BLOOD is a brand-new hardboiled Western novella from James Reasoner, bestselling author of the Wind River series, the Judge Earl Stark series, and co-author of the Rancho Diablo series. It's 16,000 words of action and excitement from a master storyteller.

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James Reasoner said...

There's no higher praise where I'm concerned than a Whittington comparison. Many thanks, Bill.