Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Alex Karras, R. I. P. Alex Karras was a giant in football, and a mean one at that. But off the field, he was an bigger presence. 

Funny, flawed, durable, direct, bitter, brave and talented, Karras was all these things during 12 seasons as a defensive tackle for the Detroit Lions in 1958-70 -- and during a successful film and television career that followed. 

Karras, 77, died about 3 a.m. today, surrounded by his family at his home in Los Angeles, after suffering from dementia and kidney failure. He was part of a large group of former players suing the NFL for head trauma.


Stephen B. said...

Also the show WEBSTER, and the very funny role in BLAZING SADDLES had appearances by Karras.

// I had read about the lawsuit and saw his name mentioned just this year.

Deb said...

Mongo only pawn in game of life.

Anonymous said...

One of the classic lines, Deb.