Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Horror Comic Covers

Retrospace: Comic Books #49: Horror Comic Covers

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Todd Mason said...

I was, as I noted in comments there after Brian Arnold pointed this post out to me the other day, not quite wracking my brain but still trying to remember the Marvel title that was an attempt in the early '70s to soak up some of the gravy DC was making from their relatively robust "WEIRD" set of titles, and there WEIRD WONDER TALES was...not only hoping to slip in with WEIRD WAR, WEIRD WESTERN, WEIRD MYSTERY and such but also, perhaps all unawares, also calling out to fiction magazine nostalgist who also might be picking up the then current issues of the WEIRD TALES revival, or had not too many years before picked up the last sporadic issues of WONDER STORIES, filled with THRILLING WONDER STORIES and STARTLING STORIES reprints, that Ned Pines was publishing in the '60s.