Monday, August 06, 2012

Ugly Behavior -- Steve Rasnic Tem

This is a collection of "ugly stories," as Tem says in his introduction, "tales about the terrible things we do to ourselves and others."  The first story in the book, "2 P.M: The Real Estate Agent Arrives," is hardly longer than it's title, but it's a gut-punch.  The second story, "Saguaro Night," is considerably longer, and it's the only one in the book that hasn't been previously published.  In it, a woman explains how her artist father's most famous work came to be painted.  It's creepy and gripping, and, as in all the stories here, the writing is clear and straightforward.  Tem doesn't have to strain for effects.  Even a story like "The Child Killer" is almost restrained in the telling, though its violence is almost shocking.  The title story is the final one in the book, and it originally appeared in Out of the Gutter #7, which is where I first read it.  If you think the rock 'n' roll life is all glamour, this is the story to read.  It's the ugliest in the book and not restrained at all.  Well, maybe a little bit.  If you're in the mood for ugly, New Pulp Press has the best package around.  Check it out.


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Hi, Bill!
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