Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Sherlock Holmes: The Army of Dr. Moreau -- Guy Adams

What if Dr. Moreau's experiments had been sponsored by the government (more specifically, Mycroft Holmes)?  And what if Moreau hadn't really died on that island and had returned to London with some of his terrible creatures? Those are a couple of questions that Guy Adams poses in this entertaining mashup of Doyle and Wells.  There's plenty of action and also a good bit of humor in the story, not to mention some interesting characters. And I'm not just talking about the dog-headed man.  There are lots of other famous figures who play a part here, including Professor Challenger, Professor Lindenbrook, and Abner Perry, among others.  My only complaint about the book is the POV switch in the concluding chapters, but that's minor.  It's a lot of fun and should entertain fans of both Doyle and Wells, including those who've only encountered them in the movies.  Check it out.


Cap'n Bob said...

The book jacket says The Army of Dr Moreau. That aside, what's with all this literary cannibalization these days?

Unknown said...

Thanks for the correction, Cap'n!