Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Harry Harrison, R. I. P.

io9: If Harry Harrison had only created "Slippery" Jim DiGriz, the roguish hero of the Stainless Steel Rat books, he would deserve a high place in science fiction history. But he also wrote dozens of other novels, including the hilarious Bill the Galactic Hero saga, the proto-Steampunk classic A Transatlantic Tunnel, Hurrah!, and the novel that became the movie Soylent Green, Make Room! Make Room!.

Amazingly, Harrison kept writing great novels, with the last Stainless Steel Rat book coming out just two years ago. He died today, aged 87, according to his official website. No details are yet known.

Link via SFSignal.

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Greg Daniel said...

Hadn't thought about Harry Harrison in years, but once I saw the headline the various and sundry adventures of the Stainless Steel Rat came rushing back. Now I have to go google and see which Slippery Jim and other Harrison tales I may have missed in the past 20 years.