Monday, July 16, 2012

Want to Take a Quiz?

Jeopardy Style Questions: Jeopardy is a great quiz show and is quite difficult! Ready for the challenge?


Deb said...

In 1996, my husband and I both tried out for "Jeopardy." We both passed the test, but I was the only one who got a call-back. (Back then, they didn't have as many women make the cut, so they told us it was more likely that I'd get called.) I was on the show and came in second. I'm still using the bedroom furniture I won--and every year or so, one of my kids pulls out the old VHS tape of my show and we watch while one or more of them says, "Mom, you were so young!"

My husband took the on-line test recently and got a call-back for next month. Perhaps he'll be on and hopefully he'll earn more than I did!

Unknown said...

Very cool. I hope your husband gets on! Be sure to let us know if he does.