Friday, July 06, 2012

Pimpage: An Occasional Feature in Which I Mention Books of Interest

A Mouth Full Of Blood (Fightcard) A Mouth Full Of Blood (Fightcard) eBook: Jack Tunney, Eric Beetner, Paul Bishop, Mel Odom: Kindle Store: A year after the pulse-pounding action of Split Decision, Jimmy Wyler is back in Chicago trying to put his life back together. Working a job washing dishes in a late night diner, Jimmy vows to never get into a boxing ring again.

But then, someone needs him. Leo, a teenaged boy who fights hard against the city every day, could use a man like Jimmy. To help save him from his alcoholic father, and to save his only sister from a pimp bent on turning her out.


Paul Bishop said...

"Cheers, Bill!"

Eric Beetner said...

Thanks, Bill!