Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Once Again, Texas Leads the Way

Distractions Lead to Frequent Police Crashes in Texas | NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth: An NBC 5 investigation has found many Texas police departments don't follow their own advice when it comes to warnings about distracted driving. Crashes involving distractions inside police vehicles now frequently happen across the state.

The list of distractions for continues to grow. In many cities, they're often found operating two-way radios, smartphones, dashboard-mounted computers and on-board cameras while they drive.

A search of state accident reports reveals at least 70 crashes in just 24 months where some kind of distraction inside an emergency vehicle contributed to the wreck -- an average of almost three crashes per month. Those are just the crashes that involved enough property damage or injury that they had to be reported to the state.

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Gerard said...

I went for a ride-a-long in Tempe, AZ a few years ago and the Officer was constantly running plate numbers on the car's laptop as we drove along. I was a bit nervous with his simultaneous typing and driving.