Saturday, July 28, 2012

I Suspect Many of You Have Read Most of These

11 Thrilling Books For People Who Don’t Read Thrillers


Anonymous said...

Um, nope. Haven't. Nor am I likely to read most of them.


Deb said...

I've read a couple of them (and I have BROKEN HARBOR on hold at the library), but the ones I have read, I didn't find as enthralling as the writer of the article. One word of advice: Don't bother with Sophie Hannah. She comes up with intriguing premises and then resolves them in the clumsiest ways imaginable: deux-ex-machinas in the form of conveniently-discovered diaries or computer files where the bad guy just happens to confess everything. Jeez, read a Ruth Rendell/Barbara Vine and see how it's done.

/Dismounting soapbox now.

Randy Johnson said...

Not even one and as Jeff says, not likely to either.

Jerry House said...

Let's make a list by pulling titles out of a hat.