Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Devil's Bones -- Larry Sweazy

Larry Sweazy's an award-winning western writer, and now he's stepping into the modern era with this crime novel about a Jordan McManus, a deputy marshal in a small Indiana town. His superior has been murdered just as he was about to investigate the discovery of a skeleton in a pond. The skeleton's been revealed by a severe drought, and the suspicion is that it's that of a young boy who disappeared years earlier.

But that's not true. The boy is alive, and he becomes a second important character in the story as McManus tries to solve the crime. McManus has plenty of issues of his own, and he has to deal with them as well as the murder. After a second murder, things race to the climax.

The Devil's Bones is a tightly written thriller that gets the job done. I'd been planning to write a Sheriff Rhodes book based on the Texas drought, but I don't think I will. Sweazy's done such a good job with the small town and the characters here that I couldn't add a thing.


Larry D. Sweazy said...

Thanks, Bill, glad you liked the book.

Gerard said...

I'll be danged. I read this yesterday and today I see the book in the Five Star catalog that came in my email.

William RainCrow said...

I know the feeling. Sometimes while reading the Sheriff Rhodes books it seems like you're mining my own memories, lol. It's like, "well, I can't use THAT one now, Bill's already done it so well!" Anyway, glad to see another "small town" mystery coming along.