Saturday, February 11, 2012

Does No One Remember Vicki Dugan?

Presenting: The "Butt Cleavage" Dress [NSFW]


Mel Odom said...

I could comment, but I'm trying to remain tasteful today. :)

Jerry House said...

Ah, Vicki...The Limelighters did a great song about her: "Vicki, turn your back on me/there is something so appealing/that your eyes are not revealing..."

And Ryan O'Neaal once did a movie about butt-less pants. On the whole, I preferred Vicki.

Unknown said...

Looked for the Limeliters song on YouTube, but it's not there. I really wanted to use it with the article.

The Ryan O'Neal movie was written by Andrew Bergman, who wrote some dandy p.i. novels.

Michael E. Stamm said...

I had never heard of Ms. Dugan until I picked up an old Limelighters LP a couple of years ago; several pictures of Ms. Dugan and her "new cleavage" apparel can be found online. Gotta say, what she wore worked better--and was less blatant--than this new version of the dress. And not that many women could get away with wearing either version, as most of them seem (sensibly enough) to know.

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