Tuesday, January 10, 2012

No Wonder I'm So Chipper

Mail Online: I don't believe it! We're NOT a nation of Victor Meldrews... because the older we get the HAPPIER we are, study reveals

A mature brain is better equipped to see the sunny side of life, research suggests

Psychologists say people focus on more positive events as they move from middle to old age


Anonymous said...

Jackie keeps saying I am Victor Meldrew, but don't pay any attention to her.


Unknown said...

Tell Jackie you can't be. I'm Victor Meldrew.

Mike Doran said...

One of the PBS stations here in Chicago has been running off-and-on a sitcom called The Old Guys.
Clive Swift and Roger Lloyd Pack are a couple of newly-unmarried old coots who move in together for economic reasons; they spend much of their time lusting after their next-door neighbor, Jane Asher.
The reason I bring it up here is because of its theme song, which goes like this:

(sung alternately by Swift and Lloyd Pack)
I'm Happy! I'm happy!
I'm happy! I'm happy!
I'm happy! I'm happy!
And I'll punch the man who says I'm not!
(repeat first chorus)
I'm happy! I'm happy!

I don't know if you get this one down in Texas yet, but it's good and funny.
Ask for it by name.

Unknown said...

I'll have to see if we get this one in the Houston area.

Cap'n Bob said...

Bah! Humbug!

Deb said...

"A mature brain is better equipped to see the sunny side of life."

Unless, of course, it's a debate about whether to give a terminally-ill woman tea & toast or an orange. Then things can really get ugly.

Todd Mason said...

KUHT doesn't offer THE OLD GUYS at the moment, I'm afraid...you'll have to settle, there at least, for (titularly relevant) NEW TRICKS and MI-5 (aka SPOOKS) among the Brit imports...