Thursday, December 01, 2011

PimPage: An Occasional Feature in Which I Call Interesting Books to Your Attention

Mosiman's first new book in seven years! Check it out. BANISHED eBook: Billie Sue Mosiman: Kindle Store: When the Queen of the Fallen Angels came to earth again she took the dead body of a ten-year-old native girl on an island.

It was the 1200s and life was primitive, but Angelique managed to rule the people for two hundred years, on what would become Haiti, until Columbus arrived. Escaping her island home for Spain, the little angel with her malevolent intent, wandered through the world using humans to do her biding as her parents and guardians for the next two hundred years. Then in England in the 1800s, she brought down Nisroc, an angel she trusted to be her partner and helpmate. She was weary of depending on humans, always having to control them and train them and trust they would do as they were told. Her old friend, Nisroc, however, was the solution to all her problems.

Yet there was a problem once she brought him to earth. Nisroc wasn't like Angelique. Nisroc fell in love with a frail human being--something that was unthinkable to Angelique. Use them, abuse them, even kill them, but never would she love them.

And, in the end, her companion from the Fallen had to flee for his life before the terrible child managed to take what soul he had left. She had been betrayed. She must make him pay...

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