Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Landmark Books of Haruki Murakami

AbeBooks: The Landmark Books of Haruki Murakami: We simply haven’t showcased enough of Japan’s writing talent so let’s start with Haruki Murakami. He writes novels, he writes short stories, he writes non-fiction, he has a shelf filled with literary awards and he’s sold a lot of books.

Murakami is one of the most important figures in modern literature and is always prepared to challenge readers and critics with books that don’t conform to traditional narrative structures. Acclaimed as his fiction is, one of Murakami’s most engaging titles is about running – his 2008 book, What I Talk About When I Talk About Running, shows another side of his character.

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Anonymous said...

I have not read any of his novels but I have picked away at a collection of short stories... The Elephant Vanishes.

It has been a slow go but very rewarding.