Wednesday, November 09, 2011

All the Earth Thrown to the Sky -- Joe R. Lansdale

All the Earth Thrown to the Sky is being sold as a YA novel, which is fine by me. Still, it's not that different from any other novel by Joe Lansdale except for less cussing and sex. In other words, it's funny, insightful, and all-around good reading.

Jack Catcher's a kid during the Great Depression, and he lives in the Dust Bowl. His mother's died, and his father's committed suicide. You might think that Jack would be a little depressed, but he's a strong character, and when he gets a chance to strike out on an adventure with a couple of other kids -- Jane and her little brother, Tony -- he's all for it.

So this is a road novel, with the youthful trio encountering all manner of people and adventures, from the common folk to notorious gangsters to evil lawmen.

I particularly enjoyed the Burroughs references and the humor, but there's plenty more here to like. You can't go wrong with Lansdale. Check it out.


Kelly Robinson said...

I read somewhere that it used to be the case that publishers would suggest to authors that they take a YA novel and tweak it enough to be sold to adults. Now, I heard, they're suggesting the opposite. YA is flying off the shelves lately, so they'll sell anything as YA.

Hardly matters, though. I'd buy anything with Lansdale's name on it.

pattinase (abbott) said...

He has a magical gift for writing about sex more than almost else but having it seem sweet or at least tender. Same for the swearing.

Gerard said...

Megan Abbott's recent novel has been getting shelved as a YA.

Lansdale's writing is always quotable.

Anonymous said...

This is already on my list.