Friday, October 21, 2011

American Hoggers

Naturally I watched American Hoggers on A&E. How could I not? It's about a family from Brown County (where I lived for 12 years) who hunt wild hogs for a living. If you've read my book (that's it on the left, and if you haven't read it, why not?), you know that millions of feral pigs are running rampant over the state of Texas and that people are desperate to get rid of them. Some of those desperate people hire the Campbells.

The Campbells are Jerry Campbell, the father; his daughter, Krystal "Pistol" Campbell; his son, Robert Hunter Campbell; and Leah Penick, an unofficial family member.

The Campbells hunt on horseback and jeepback. They use dogs. Things don't end well for the hogs, so PETA probably doesn't endorse this show. Blood is spilled. Hogs are hogtied. Hogs die.

The episodes are scripted, sort of. The first one has a bit of a "lost dog" plot, and the second has a "new vs. old" plot. I guess they had to do this because you might get tired of the hunting part, which involves a lot of, well, hunting. There are a lot of scenes of people piling on hogs and hogtying them.

The funniest part of the show is that they feel they need subtitles for Jerry Campbell's dialogue. Judy and I understood every word he said.

The show's okay, but what I think is that they should have filmed my book.


the dogs' mother said...

Read it. Now am ordering the first Rhodes series books from used book stores all over the country. Any decision about putting the backlist into ebook form? I like the instant access.

Unknown said...

A publisher is interested in the first four books, but there's always a long gap between setting something up and getting the books out there.

Anonymous said...

Sue 'em!

You were way ahead of the curve on the whole feral hogs thing so I think you deserve some credit (and a big payout).


Marsdon said...

I saw this, and I agree, though his accent was pretty thick, it was understandable. Definitely a good ol' boy . . .