Monday, August 15, 2011

Butch Cassidy Update "Did Butch Cassidy, the notorious Old West outlaw who most historians believe perished in a 1908 shootout in Bolivia, actually survive that battle and live to old age, peacefully and anonymously, in Washington state? And did he pen an autobiography detailing his exploits while cleverly casting the book as biography under another name?

A rare books collector says he has obtained a manuscript with new evidence that may give credence to that theory. The 200-page manuscript, 'Bandit Invincible: The Story of Butch Cassidy,' which dates to 1934, is twice as long as a previously known but unpublished novella of the same title by William T. Phillips, a machinist who died in Spokane in 1937."

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Mike Dennis said...

I remember back in 1970, not long after the Newman/Redford movie came out, Cassidy's sister was interviewed. She was around 85 at the time, and she claimed Cassidy was not killed in Bolivia, but rather returned to the US and lived peacefully as a rancher in the Northwest. She said he came to visit her every so often (I don't remember where she lived), and he sent her a Christmas card every year until his death around 1940.