Thursday, July 28, 2011

Doctor, My Eyes!

Local & Regional: "Sandy McMillin and her sister Karla Vogt went to Walmart on Sunday to buy sour cream, chips and coffee creamer.

The temperature that day hit 90 degrees, so McMillin threw on a turquoise bikini and a pair of shorts.

She said five minutes into her shopping trip while in the clothing aisle, a store employee told her to put on a shirt or leave, saying the swimsuit violated health codes.

'I was horrified,' McMillin told KVAL News. 'I am embarrassed.'"

Click the link for the pics. If you dare.


Gerard said...

Since when did Wal-Mart ever have a dress code?

Anonymous said...

Sure they do!


Jerry House said...

My Eyes! They Burn!

Deb said...

I suspect there'll be a new star on the People of Walmart website today. And why would you have to wear a bikini to Walmart? Isn't is, ya know, air conditioned?

Cap'n Bob said...

Some folks shouldn't appear in public, and she's a prime example of this. Ugh!