Wednesday, July 27, 2011

77 Reasons Why Your Book Was Rejected -- Mike Nappa

This is a hard-nosed, practical book full of straight talk. Mike Nappa doesn't cut anybody any slack. If you don't believe me, look at reason #1: "Your writing is crap." Not convinced? How about reason #41: "Your title stinks." Or reason #29: "You stink at grammar and spelling." There are 74 other reasons like that, every one of them worth reading.

Just about any writer can benefit from reading this book, not just because it's so frank but also because after giving you the reasons your book was rejected, Nappa offers some sound advice on what to do about the problem. Every one of the 77 reasons is followed by a section titled "What you can do about it," and those sections are as valuable as the reasons themselves.

Highly recommended for anyone interested in writing and publishing that writing.

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Anonymous said...

Mine was rejected for reason # 78: I haven't written it yet.